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I’m Rita Frinconi of LE IMPRONTE. The company was established in 1964, when my father, Armerino Frinconi, started his business in a small artisan workshop, specialising in making orthopaedic shoes for children. Over the years, due partly to market demand, partly to natural development, he also began producing men’s and women’s footwear.

From the very beginning, because of the founder’s determination to maintain high ethical standards, the firm has employed only skilled craftsmen at all stages of the production cycle, anticipating current market trends by emphasising Italy’s reputation for quality manufacturing.

In the best Italian tradition, LE IMPRONTE di Frinconi Rita is a family business, fully and exclusively owned by the Frinconi family. Now in the hands of the third generation, the firm has successfully combined the fifty- year experience of those who strove to create classic, healthy footwear with new construction technology - but always with the emphasis on quality workmanship. Constant improvements in craftsmanship, in style and in the use of materials, have resulted in shoes that ensure maximum comfort for the wearer’s feet, on which the wellbeing of the whole body depends.




Our two production units develop our range of models in-house, drawing on decades of experience and ensuring that we keep abreast of market trends. As well as shoes of traditional design, some of our men’s, women’s and children’s models are produced according to the “California” method (to fit like a glove). The upper is stitched to the sole in such a way as to keep the inner sole separate from the sole itself, so that every movement and every part of the foot is comfortably accommodated.This method is practised by very few firms nowadays, because of the time and skilled craftsmanship it demands. 100% hand-made (absolutely no machinery involved), the shoes possess a unique flexibility and softness, providing a distinctly superior level of comfort.

Our unique lightweight “California” shoes effectively hug the foot in a way that feels entirely natural and supremely comfortable for the wearer.




No synthetic materials go into our shoes. We prefer to use carefully selected leathers and linings, tanned and produced without chemical agents or artificial colourings that might be harmful to health or trigger allergies.



Our insoles are made of pure latex (a natural product) or active carbons - leather-covered where they come into direct contact with the wearer - to support the natural shape of the foot. They can be removed from most of our models and replaced with a custom-made arch support.



The soles of our shoes differ according to the nature of the shoe and/or the customer’s requirements. We use natural para, rubber or “micro” components to ensure that our footwear is light in weight, flexible and non-slip.Some models have soles made of “Vibram”, a cutting-edge product consisting of special mixtures of rubber and polyurethane, adding quality to the final product.



For more than 50 years, we have been making shoes designed with your wellbeing in mind: soft to a fault, comfortable and flexible, to support the natural movement of your feet.


We consider your feet and their wellbeing day by day, every step of the way….

The origins.....Poster 1973

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